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You're ready!   Whether you've been working out for years and are just looking to "take it to the next level", haven't worked out in a while and want to get back to it, or are totally new to fitness and need someone to walk you through it, I'm ready if you are.


We'll begin with a call - Zoom, if possible - so I can learn about your goals, concerns, experience, preferences, etc.  From there, I'll create a custom workout to get you started and we'll settle on a beginning schedule.   Whether in-person, as a group or virtual, we'll work together to create an ongoing fitness plan that will address all of your needs while also challenging you and bringing you amazing results before you know it.

Contact me today to learn more and set up a one-on-one consultation.


While I’m excited to help you in your fitness training, my main focus is currently in meal prep and provision, so hours and space are limited for training at this time.  That said, please get in touch and we can see if our schedules align.  If they do, terrific!  And, if not, we can at least provide you with some links to some exercise videos to get you moving and get you on a list for when my schedule allows for more of this. 

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