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MY Mission

Hello, everyone! My name is Dana Winowiecki and I am the Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Chef and Owner of In It To Win It. My passion is to help people change their lives in the simplest and most realistic way possible. I know that everyone wants and deserves the right to great health, great quality of life and to exude confidence in themselves from the inside out.

Getting fit and healthy does not have to be difficult, but often it is. We all lead busy lives and so many of us have so many things on our plates.  How do we have time to work out?  How can we find time to eat healthy? How can I pay for a gym membership or a trainer or healthy, organic foods? What diet or workout routine is best for me? Trust me, you are not alone.



Health, Fitness and Nutrition Expert


  • Health Fitness and Preventative Rehabilitation Major

  • Nutrition and Psychology Minor

  • ACSM Certified Trainer, Illinois and Colorado

  • Over 15 years of Personal Training and Nutrition experience

  • 2021 and 2022 - Competitive Bikini Competitor


For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for health and fitness. I grew up on a farm in Leelanau County. This is where my passion came alive. I remember spending countless hours practicing basketball in our barn or on the gravel driveway, jumping over shrubs and bushes spread throughout the "back-forty" to practice my hurdling, sprinting up and down the berry rows to work

on my conditioning and preparing a weekly family meal from the fruits and vegetables that we grew on the farm. Growing up this way, hard work wasn't an option, it was a necessity.


Indeed, it was this same hard work that landed me a full ride scholarship to Central Michigan University to play basketball. This was a dream come true and I had my mind set to be a physical therapist. Upon arriving to CMU, I unfortunately tore my left ACL, definitely not part of my plan. However, this setback ended up being a blessing in disguise. I red-shirted my freshmen year and worked hard at rehabbing my knee back to shape with the goal to exceed expectations.  In fact, I worked so hard that I was clear for full contact and competition after only 5 months!  While I felt strong and confident, I decided to sit out the remainder of the year to continue to hone my strength and agility. This is we're my fitness passion blossomed. I enjoyed going to my rehab daily. I loved testing my limits and seeing my growth. My trainer sensed my eagerness to learn and actually let me start designing my rehab programs! That summer I came home and shadowed a physical therapist here in Traverse City.  Initially, I was so excited, but unfortunately, that was short-lived. While I enjoyed the rehab part, I found physical therapy to be repetitive:  lots of similar injuries with similar rehab programs.  While at home, I knew I needed to workout hard and maintain my strength if I wanted to play the following season. I hit the gym hard that summer and genuinely enjoyed designing workouts. I could train the same muscle group in so many different ways. I decided at the end of that summer that I didn't want to go into Physical Therapy, but that I wanted to help people be healthy through working out and diet!

After college, I became a ACSM certified Personal Trainer and trained in Grand Rapids, Chicago, Fort Collins, Denver and, finally, Traverse City from 2008-2018. I trained everyone from 5 year-olds to FBI agents to quadriplegics to semi pro athletes. I loved the challenge. Everyone had different goals. Everyone had different body types, different strengths and weakness. I truly loved being challenged day in and day out to help these individuals reach their goals no matter how big or small they were. As we all know, fitness and nutrition go hand and hand so, in 2016, I started prepping and cooking healthy meals for people. Cooking allowing me to help my clients in a whole new way. I was fueling my clients with nutritious meals that would also aid in helping them reach their goals. Cooking is my form of a creative, artistic outlet and truly is a passion of mine.

In 2018 and 2019, my husband and I were blessed with our pride and joys, Harken and Aria. While I wanted to continue to provide for all of my clients, I ultimately made the difficult choice to step away from Personal Training and Meal Prepping so that I might better provide for my family.  Though, while I may have stepped away from the scene, I still had a foot in the door. I kept in contact with many of my clients who I care so deeply about.  While caring for my small family, I realized I still had a “calling” to help others.  This time “off” solidified my knowing that there’s nothing of more value to me than helping somebody go through an experience that makes them happy, healthy, confident, and strong.  I am ‘In it To Win It’ with every client I’m privileged to serve regardless of their health and fitness condition.

So how can I help you?

Together we will find out a plan that works for you whether it is Personal Training, Nutritional Meal Plans or Prepped Meals!  I am your navigator, but you are the captain of the ship. I help guide you along but ultimately you make all the decisions in your journey. Together we work with your likes, avoid your dislikes and try to shape your behavior, habits and mindset so that you can become consistent and committed to the process with realistic goals and consistent and sustainable progress.  

Let's get started today!

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